Rental Terms


Every student who rents from Laptops For Military Docs, LLC will be required to read and digitally sign an equipment lease agreement. The full agreement will be available at checkout. Some of the highlights of the agreement are listed below.

  • All laptops and tablets are rental only meaning the student must return their rental at the end of their contract, per military guidelines.
  • The student is required to pay the first payment of $500 at the time of checkout as well as each recurring payment of $500 at the beginning of each year for the duration of the contract.
  • Laptops For Military Docs, LLC will issue a full refund for the rental in the event that the student is denied reimbursement by its branch of the military only if the denial of reimbursement is not at the fault of the student. Refunds will only be granted within 14 days of denial of reimbursement and the Equipment must be returned in the same condition the student received it in.

Laptops For Military Docs is not affiliated with the U.S. Government, U.S. Military, or Health Professions Scholarship Program, nor does it claim to be affiliated in any way with these entities. Therefore, information provided on this site does not reflect the views of these or any other government organizations.

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