Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon can I place an order for a laptop or tablet rental?
    Air Force students can place an order up to 60 days prior to the first day of school. Army and Navy Students can place an order up to 45 days prior to the first day of school. Learn more at the following link: When to Start Your HPSP Laptop Rental. HPSP students do not need to wait until they have commissioned to place their order, as long as they are within the window mentioned above. Students who do not learn about the laptop rental benefit until later on can still place an order anytime prior to graduation, as long as they have at least one year of school remaining.
  • How long should my rental contract be?
    If you are placing your order part way through the school year, it can be tricky to determine if you should choose a full year contract, or if you will need a custom half year contract. We recommend referencing the following article to determine your contract length: How Long Should Your HPSP Computer Rental Contract Be? The laptop rental benefit is only valid from the moment the order is placed until graduation. Although a student may have been awarded a 4 yr scholarship originally, if they only have 2 yrs of school remaining when they place an order for a laptop rental, then they can only rent for 2 yrs. Students who need a custom contract length should reach out to us at
  • Why is the device I want to rent not available for the length of time I want to rent it for?
    Device selection is dependent on the cost of the device and the length of the rental contract. Some of the more expensive devices, for example, are only available on a 4 yr rental contract. This is because a minimum of 4 payments toward the device are required to cover the costs associated with offering the device as a rental option. The same applies for other rental lengths. If a device is only available on a 3 yr contract, then it is not possible to offer it on a 2 yr contract because it wouldn’t be cost effective to do so. We strive to offer the best devices possible so that students know the options listed provide the greatest value for a given rental length.
  • Why are some products not available to Navy students?
    The Navy does not reimburse students for tablet or iPad rentals which is why they aren’t offered as rental options by Laptops For Military Docs. Learn more at the following link: Why doesn’t the Navy reimburse HPSP students for iPads or Tablets?
  • Are the laptops/tablets offered by Laptops For Military Docs new or used?
    Laptops For Military Docs only rents NEW products to students.
  • Does Laptops For Military Docs take care of the reimbursement process for me?
    No, the student is responsible for submitting the reimbursement request to his/her branch of the military each year. Instructions for submitting reimbursement requests can be found at the following link: Reimbursement Process
  • What if the military doesn’t reimburse me for my laptop or tablet?
    As stated in the rental contract, Laptops For Military Docs will issue a full refund for the rental payment in the event that you are denied reimbursement by your branch of the military, only if the denial of reimbursement is not at the fault of the student (such as not submitting the proper documents for reimbursement or neglecting to submit the reimbursement request). Refunds will only be granted within 14 days of denial of reimbursement and the equipment must be returned in like new condition. Learn more at the following link: What Happens If I Don't Get Reimbursed For My HPSP Computer Rental?
  • What happens if my device malfunctions while I am renting from Laptops For Military Docs?
    Laptops For Military Docs guarantees its customers a functional device throughout the duration of the rental contract. If a device malfunctions, it will either be repaired or replaced at no cost. Learn More
  • Will i have the option to purchase my device at the end of the rental contract?
    No, our contract is a rent-to-lease contract only, in order to meet the guidelines set forth by the military. These guidelines state that HPSP students shall not have the option to own the computer or tablet that was rented as a benefit of the scholarship. We also do not allow students to just "recycle" their device at the end of the contract as this is viewed by the military as a disregard to the rental guidelines and jeopardizes the students' ability to be reimbursed for this service.
  • Is a security deposit required to rent from Laptops For Military Docs?
    No, we do not require a security deposit!
  • Why do I need proof of scholarship and a valid driver’s license in order to rent a device from Laptops For Military Docs?
    Proof of scholarship and a driver’s license is required so we can ensure that everyone we are renting to is an HPSP recipient while confirming the identity of each individual, for our safety and yours.
  • Does Laptops For Military Docs have a referral program?
    Because government funds are being utilized to reimburse students for laptop/tablet rentals through our service, we do not offer a referral incentive as this is viewed by the government as a "kickback" to students. We strive to not misuse government funding appropriated for laptop/tablet rentals so that we can offer this service to HPSP students for many years to come.
  • If my school requires me to have a device that isn't listed or I would like to rent a different device than is listed, will Laptops For Military Docs accommodate?
    Absolutely! Just send an email to and we will do our best to get you the device you want or need.
  • What is the process for returning my device after my rental contract expires?
    Specific instructions for returning your device can be found by logging into your online account.
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