Unrivaled Customer Satisfaction

Very smooth process, thank you! No extra fees not even to ship it back, Air Force reimbursed 100%
The application process was so easy, and better yet, I had my laptop within the week. The billing process makes the reimbursement very quick and easy, and the laptop is great quality. Only regret is that I did not rent from them sooner!
Great Company. They helped me find my missing computer when shipping lost it, and even sent me a gift card for it coming in late although it wasnt their fault. Great custimer service.
Stop looking!! You've found the place you are looking for. I have been overwhelmed with how great Laptops for Military Docs has taken care of me. They are extremely easy to work with! I have had all my questions answered and all my needs met. You won't find better service than here.
Super simple and brilliant idea. The process to receive a computer to my door took 10 minutes or less online. The laptop itself was delivered 3 or 4 days later. No gimmicks, no tricks- Laptops for Mil. Docs just utilizes the current military offer to HPSP students to have a computer rental. Take advantage of it!
I must say that I am glad that I found this company and have rented from them. 2 days after placing my order for my rental I received my brand new laptop. They email you all of your required documentation to submit to your Branch's finance office, and give you a list of instructions to follow. I have not needed to contact them for support, but I can guess that they will probably respond quickly. Every now and then I also get emails from them linking articles written by HPSP recipients and their experiences throughout their journey, which I find helpful. Overall, I am satisfied that I decided to rent from this company. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a laptop rental.
I needed a reliable laptop for dental school and personal use, and knew the military reimbursed laptop rentals. Since I had a 5-year old laptop at the time, it was excellent to have a top-notch computer upgrade (Dell XPS 13) while in school. Customer service was great, and it was easy to return it at the end of the 3-year rental period.
This company has great customer service and was able to answer any questions I had almost immediately! I highly recommend using them for your HPSP laptop rental.
My experience with this company has been excellent. They made the process very easy and nearly all of my HPSP classmates have also done the same. I highly recommend Laptops for Military Docs!
Great website! My personal laptop crashed at the beginning of second year and this website worked with me to get a great laptop very fast so that I could get back to my studies. Could not recommend more!
They have great laptops, friendly staff, and easy to use website. Cant wish for more. Great experience.
I love my laptop! It's much nicer than a laptop I would've bought on my own. The free laptop sleeve is awesome, too.
Great service and very quick. Very prompt in their responses to emails.
Laptops For Military Docs is a fantastic company with amazing customer service! I am loving my rental from them and they allow you to take advantage of all HPSP has to offer. If you are questioning whether or not to buy or rent a laptop, or if you think this website is too good to be true, take it from me, the benefits are real and well worth it so utilize this while you can!
Great company. Got my laptop and it is amazing. Definitely the nicest laptop I'll ever use, and it's completely free!
Laptops For Military Docs made getting my brand new laptop extremely simple. Customer service was quick to reply to all of my questions and I received my laptop in no time at all! I highly recommend them!
The computer came quickly and laptop sleeve fits perfectly. In addition, they gave a brief instruction on how to submit reimbursement forms for each branch. Really helpful and extremely efficient! Good company!
Laptop from Laptops For Military Docs made renting a laptop easy, quick and painless. I got my laptop right way and I was satisfied with the whole process.
I was not sure about renting a laptop since I thought it would be a hassle but I'm glad I did, and even more so from Laptops for Military Docs. The process was very quick and simple. They have great customer service and the shipping was incredibly fast. I made the purchase on a Sunday and received the gift the very next day and the laptop on Wednesday of that week. Reimbursement process was simple too. I submitted the reimbursement documents the same Monday before even having the laptop and the Friday of the same week it was approved and released a week later from that Friday. Very happy with my new Macbook and with the entire rental process!
My Macbook arrived in two days in perfect condition, along with a free gift. I would highly recommend Laptops For Military Docs to other HPSP recipients!
Renting with Laptops for Military Docs was a great experience. Everything went smoothly, my laptop arrived very quickly and in the box with the shrink wrap on. My sleeve came the next day. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for an HPSP rental use Laptops for Military Docs!
Perfect site for HPSP students. Shipping was very fast, and the customer service is great. The laptop selection is also better than other competitor sites. Would recommend highly!
I would rate the rental experience 10/10 so far. I got the exact computer that I wanted, I had my questions answered promptly, and there were no issues in regards to reimbursement.
Laptops for Military Docs is a great service! They always responded quickly and I got my computer shipped and delivered within the next day!
I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year renting a laptop through Laptops for Military Docs. Believe it or not, it is fairly difficult to find a quality company that understands the unique HPSP requirements of not being able to rent to own. Their customer service has been excellent, they made reimbursement so easy for me, and most importantly they also have a great selection of laptops to choose from. I would highly recommend renting from this company!
As many of my required readings for school are now PDFs, having a computer on the go is essential for efficient learning. This service had a wide selection to give me the tools I needed to fulfill my current mission as a student. Extremely fast and reliable service that made this a good experience.
Laptops for Military Docs was a seamless process. So easy to work with them and get the proper materials in. I received my laptop 3 days after submitting everything! Very fluid and fast process, I recommended it to all my HPSP friends! Wish I would have done it for my first year!
Great to work with! The first laptop that was sent happened to be defective, but Laptops For Military Docs had great customer service and took care of it right away by sending me a new one.
Laptops for Military Docs is essential if you want to maximize your HPSP benefits. They are reliable and provide excellent products. HPSP students MUST check them out!
I am really happy with the rental process and the computer I got. I was hesitant to rent for the first 2 years of school because I imagined I would be getting a used computer and it would have all these problems but I received a brand new Surface Pro 4 and it came in 2 days. I am really happy with it.
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